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GTA : Bucuresti Team / Admin

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MesajSubiect: Discutii Generale despre Metal   Joi Sept 24, 2009 8:52 pm

Black Metal - it's not just a music it's an exitment. It's an explosion, destroing your ear drums and your body that so you forget about any exitment.

Black Metal - it's not a cure for saving nature and planet. It's napalm fire rawr's annihilating your favorite green forests whith birds and creatures.It's sea's hissing, melting in waves,heat from nuclear explosions,and predeath gasp of intoxicated animals.

Black Metal doesn't belong to human culture.It's not a tool for saving/helping the community,making future for children etc.It's a machine gun shooting,it's a desperate knock from inside the doors of gas rooms for those who wanted to escape annihilation,as for those who thought that it would chose and they would remain.It's tank engine roar and crunching tank wheel's,killing your trying to escape children.It's a one living man scream,who realised that everything from what he came from and what he wanted to continue was destroyed and there is no point in living.

Black Metal has no connection whith castrated peacefull estetick's homesitting dreamers,and like Darkness Winter Cold etc.It's wind blow of death from far away,beyond Darkness and Cold,bringing death to all human nature trying to reach it.

Black Metal isn't supposed to help you live better in this world,freely and comfortable.I'ts chain shiver and prison cell's opening sound,for those who can understand that everything around on this planet - is a prison,and to feel yourself comfortable in any place - means accepting it.It's a sound of distant freedom,and the only one can fight for it is the one who's soul consists from solid BLACK METAL.

My fav. black metal bands: Dark Funeral, Nargaroth, Mayhem, Burzum

+ un mic documentar despre o crima din 1993 comisa de solistul Burzum, Varg Vikernes, ca sa intelegeti ca black metalul nu e doar muzica

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Discutii Generale despre Metal
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